National Championship Game 2018: time, TV information

It’s the time again or the greatest challenge in the history of football. The national championship game is just by the corner. The players are warming, the spectators are getting ready and the officials are all set for the game to start. Te national championship game of 2018 will determine the NCAA division 1 football national champion for the 2017 season. The dating, the timing and the venue is perfect and all is set for the game to begin.  Game will be played on the 8th of January, 2018 and will start at exactly 8pm EST (9th of January 2018, 1am GMT). The stadium that will host this great competition this year is the Mercedes Benz stadium, located in Atlanta, Georgia. This huge game will come up between the 2 greatest teams we have seen in the 2017 season, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The two teams have won the semi-final games played on the 1st of January, 2018. The Rose Bowl Game hosted the Georgia Bulldogs semi-finals while the Sugar Bowl hosted the Alabama Crimson Tide semi-finals.

National Championship

National Championship

Talking about the venue of the game, The Mercedes-Benz stadium is a retractable roofed, multipurpose stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The stadium is the home stadium for the Atlanta Falcons of the National football League of the United States of America and also home to the Atlanta United Football Club of the Major League Soccer also in USA. Until 2016, the Falcons were once homed at the Georgia Dome. The 2018 National Championship game venue is still the largest halo board stadium in the world. The Stadium is operated by the parent company of the Falcons and Atlanta United, the AMB Group and it is owned by the State of Georgia through the GWCCA (Georgia world congress center authority). The Mercedes-Benz stadium costs an estimated $1.6 Billion in June of 2016 before its official opening ceremony on the 26th of August, 2017 with the preseason game between the Falcons and the Arizona Cardinals.

As predictable, there were different proposals from several companies and firms at the initial stage of the construction of the National Championship 2018 game venue, but the HOK came up with the winning design which had eight panel retractable roofs that looks more like a firecracker, and a fresh air allowing glass wall that opens with the roof which is planned to give a comprehensive bird wing chimera when unfastened. Surrounding the opening of the roof would be a halo video board that would enclose the playing surface, extending from one of the 10 yard lines to the other and then twisting around the end zones to complete the elliptical shape.  Every one of the eight panels operates on two direct, parallel rails; one rail is responsible for controlling the panel while the other rail stabilizes the panel.


The running name of the design of the stadium is in fact Pantheon but then, Bill Johnson, the architect that planned the stadium hinted that circular opening in the roof of the stadium was motivated by the Roman pantheon. The roof was proposed to allow people inside see what is outside and as such, clear polymer glass was used for the exterior with featherweight and clear polymer materials allowing its cloudiness to control light inlet.


To give way for an unhindered view of the Atlanta skies, upper bowl area and the central public space and were removed in the east end zone.


The automated curtains bring the intimate feeling in the stadium to life because it limits the capacity of the stadium to around 42,500 seats even though the retracting lower bowl seats expand the field.   Jim Smith, the general manager o the Atlanta United football club pointed out that the design of the national championship game 2018 venue had soccer in mind from the beginning and such; it is no coincidence that a MLS team has the stadium as her home.


With a score of 54 to 48 in a double overtime, the Georgia Bulldogs team trashed the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2018 Rose Bowl, the semi-finals to reach the National Championship game. They have enjoyed a wonderful season claiming their 13th SEC (Southeastern Conference) championship with a 28 to 7 win over Auburn Tigers, making their season 13 to 1. Kirby Smart is the coach of the Georgia Bulldogs team and he is doing real fine this season.

Clemson Tigers suffered a great defeat from the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide team by a score of 24 to 6 at the 2018 Sugar Bowl, which happens to be the semi-final game towards the qualification to the NCAA Championship game. Nick Saban is the head coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide team who has enjoyed a 12 to 1 season.


The game between these two great teams, the National Championship game, coming up on the 8th of January, 2018 will be aired by ESPN, with Kendrick Lamar performing live during the halftime as announced by the network. Kendrick’s performance is not in association with the traditional halftime performance at the Mercedes- Benz stadium which includes matching bands of participating teams and the likes.